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ASP Allegro 10 / 24
ASP Allegro 10 / 24
822,50 EUR
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We offer solar power systems for on-grid and stand-alone systems.
High quality solar modules: Kyocera, Sharp, Sanyo, BP Solar ...

Grid-connected photovoltaic systems

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Photovoltaic stand-alone systems

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    Victron Energy - Phoenix 48/5000
    Victron Energy - Phoenix 48/5000
    2.670,00 EUR 1.999,00 EUR
    Sony Fortelion Energy Storage System 6.0 kWh
    Sony Fortelion Energy Storage System 6.0 kWh
    7.903,90 EUR 7.637,42 EUR
    Sony Fortelion Energy Storage System 7.2 kWh
    Sony Fortelion Energy Storage System 7.2 kWh
    9.179,90 EUR 8.899,00 EUR
    Solar module Sanyo HIT-N235SE10 Solar module Sanyo HIT-N235SE10
    Sanyo HIT-235SE10 photovoltaic module (PV module) for solar power systems (PV systems).
    332,00 EUR
    R- Fronius IG 50 Inverter
    R- Fronius IG 50 Inverter
    1.499,00 EUR
    Solar charge controler Steca PR-0505 / 12V, 5A
    Solar charge controler Steca PR-0505 / 12V, 5A
    46,90 EUR
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    01. Solar charge controler Steca TAROM 440 / 48V, 30A
    02. Solar module Kyocera KD 215 GH-2PU
    03. Solar Flashlight
    04. Solar charge controler Steca PR-3030 / 12V, 30A
    05. Solarmax 6000S Solar Inverter
    06. Solar module Schott Poly 240
    07. Sunny Boy 2100-TL
    08. Voltaic solar backpack
    09. Solar module Sanyo HIT-N235SE10
    10. Solarmax 3000S Solar Inverter
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