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Victron Energy - Phoenix MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50
Victron Energy - Phoenix MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50
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. e.GO! Master - solar battery charger

Prix :   139,00 EUR
Numéro d'article :   e-20003
Expédition fini :   en 24 heures
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Description :



The independence energy source
e.GO! is a new, microprocessor-controlled universal battery charger, that sources its energy through high quality integrated solar cells. Portable applications such as mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, organizers, e.g. can either be operated directly from or recharged by e.GO!.

High efficient and microprocessor-controlled
Moreover, when the sun is shining, it is possible to store energy intermediately in its accumulators for use later, when it is needed. The e.GO! accumulators can also be removed and used with other devices.

Also a conventional battery charger
A great Advantage of e.GO! is: It is useful even throughout periods of bad weather, because it can also be used as a conventional battery charger. e.GO! loads accumulators via ordinary electrical outlets (100 V - 240 V) or the onboard power supply of cars (12 V). Using an adapter cord, small electronic devices (up to 4 W) can be operated, too.

Looking for trend and fashion
e.GO! is really an eye-catcher – it just looks great! Because it is designed in Germany and made in Europe!




2 Solar module, 2 or 4 cell battery charging (AA)  
Selectable output power between 1.3 W and 4.0 W, according to the needs of different external devices  
Output voltage between 4 V and 14 V, depending on the adapter cord used  
Display of operating and charging condition by LEDs  
Intelligent charging method with temperature supervision and deep-discharge protection by an integrated microprocessor
Use as conventional net battery charger possible, voltage range 100 V – 240 V AC  
Connection of further solar modules possible - to improve solar loading performance  
Solar modules can be separated from their case - thus, it is possible to upgrade the e.GO! FUN version to e.GO! MASTER version or operate lectronics/accumulator unit without any solar module at all  
Suitable for Outdoor use because of it’s robust and water-resistant components  
Size: 160 x 85 x 33 mm or 6,24 x 3,32 x 1,32 inches  
Weight: 300 grams or 10,5 oz (without accumulators)  
Comes with: Wall power supply (4 W), wire with adapter-set for all common mobile phones made by Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Siemens  


Optional accessories

You will find these optional accessories, like an additional external solar module, a rubber protective cover or various adapter cables to operate different electronic devices, also here at Solarshop.Net.

Additional simple solar module to upgrade the Fun version to the Master version (to be mounted at the hinge of e.GO! FUN)  
Additional external solar module to double solar-loading performance (for all versions), together with DC connection cable to e.GO!  
Rubber protective cover fort the MASTER and PROFESSIONAL version  
Various adapter cables to operate different electronic devices, such as mobile phones, satellite phones, PDAs, MP3 player, iPods, digital cameras, GPS etc.
Power electricity network adapter (8 W instead of 4 W) for accelerated charging by the power supply system (100 V – 240 V AC)  
Motor vehicle adapter for charging by means of onboard power supply (12 V)  
USB adapter for charging by means of USB port of a PC or laptop  
USB cable for devices with plug socket  
FireWire cable for devices with plug socket  
12 V-charging cable with cigarette lighter jack  
Battery adapter (AA to AAA) to enable loading of AAA cells in the accumulator  


Some more impressions


Wall power supply (4 W), wire with adapter
-set for all common mobile phones
Battery adapter (4x AA to 4x AAA) to
enable loading of AAA cells in the accumulator




e.GO! smaller than a paperback book

Advertisement -  
Solarc provides also some additional application and three available versions of the e.GO!. This battery charger is the perfect attendant for indoor and outdoor activities. No matter where you are, climbing, sun-bathing or shopping, e.GO! provides you with energy, anytime and everywhere. Solarshop.Net is always keen on serving the latest products for its costumers. If there are any questions, please contact us. Just write us an email – we will answer forthwith.



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Nous avons repris ce produit dans notre catalogue le Sunday, 29. October 2006.
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