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ASP Top Class 22 / 24
ASP Top Class 22 / 24
1.390,00 EUR
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24 Volt Lamp - Resolux 153 - 2 x 11 watts

Prix :   139,00 EUR
Numéro d'article :   e-44-60-280
Frais de transport:   30,00 EUR Frais de transport / piéce
Expédition fini :   en 1 semaine
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Description :




An exclusive initerior lighting
Perfect construction, high-tech PC-board and latest technology are the features of this recessed luminaire. The chassis made of Polycarbonate will be fixed with 2 V2A screws. The recessed luminaires are powerfull and economical with a compact lamp 9 or 11
watt for 12 or 24 volt DC.An exclusive interior lighting for commercial vehicles e.g. busses, library-, exhibition-, and sales vehicle as well as administration and measuring vehicles or ambulances. All luminaires with CE-label.


Start flicker-free
The energy saving lights of this series, which are already successfully introduced to the market, are now substantially improved by a newly developed PCB. The entire control is now built by SMD-technology and powerful filters are used to lower interference and increase the safety of operation. The flicker-free softstart controlled by electronics enlarges the switching frequency rate.


The intelligent PC-Board
Improved electronic parts decrease losses and increase the durability of PC-board and compact lamp. The intelligent PC-board detects critical operational conditions and will switch off the compact lamp if necessary. The compact lamp will operate at its optimum by automatic control. A constant luminous energy during minimum to maximum operating voltage, as well as undervoltage, secures long durability for the compact lamp. The low-loss polarity reversal protection also is a new addition.


High-grade products continues
All luminaires can be used at high switching frequency rates as well as long operation times. The durability of the compact lamp is about 8000 h. All luminaires are built according to CE-certification. A high radio interference suppression according to VDE 087B is standard. This is more than required by CE-Certification. The ground sheet is made of aluminium and is white powder-coated. The prismatic cover is made of temperature- and UV-resistant PMMA. Due to these improvements our tradition of high-grade products continues, which guarantees reliability as well as quality.





Impact-resistant PC-prismatic cover  
Low-loss polarity reversal protection  
SMD- technology  
Switchoff when lamp is faulty  
Switchoff at undervoltage  
Radio interference protection  
According to VDE0871 B  





Technical data  
Voltage range 12 Volt 10,5 Volt bis 15,0 Volt DC
Voltage range 24 Volt 21,0 Volt bis 29,0 Volt DC
Operating frequency 35 kHz
Crestfactor < 1,48
Heat time ca. 2 sek
Heat frequency ca. 52 kHz
Open circuit power consumption < 100 mA
Power consumption after turn off

< 10 mA

Current consumption 2000 mA
Power rating 2 x 11 W
Comparable incandescent bulb 40 Watt
Operating temperature -20 °C bis +70 °C
Radio interference suppression EN55015 + VDE 0871 B
Weight 534 g
Dimensions 608 x 60 x 32 mm







Compact lamps included...

Information -  

Single lamp luminaires 5-9 watt. The switch has silver-plated contacts and AMP connection. An universal PCB is fitted in all luminaires, suitable for wattages 5 - 11 watt, making it possible to fit smaller compact lamps in larger luminaires. The luminaires are fixed with two V2A screws. The prismatic diffusers are clicked into place at one end, fixed with an acorn nut at the other. All luminaires are supplied with compact lamp and fixing screws. Solarshop.Net is always keen on serving the latest products for its costumers. If there are any doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact the Service-Team of Solarshop.Net who will give you the best advice.




Prix inkl. 19% TVA en plus Frais d expédition
Nous avons repris ce produit dans notre catalogue le Wednesday, 12. September 2007.
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