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Wireless set RS485-01 funk set (not for combination TL20/SBCO)
Wireless set RS485-01 funk set (not for combination TL20/SBCO)
819,67 EUR
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Inverter KACO Powador 14.0 TL3 INT

Prix :   2.807,90 EUR
Numéro d'article :   10206-006
Frais de transport:   120,00 EUR Frais de transport / piéce
Expédition fini :   in 1-4 weeks, please ask real delivery time by phone: 0049 8654 309 88 73
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Description :

Inverter KACO Powador 14.0 TL3 INT

Imagine perfect grid current - the kind you get from large-scale power plants - but from decentralised renewable sources. The Powador 10.0 TL3 to 14.0 TL3 units combine KACO new energy's many years of experience in developing transformerless units with the requirement for perfect grid feed-in. Since they are true three-phase units, they provide high-quality, sinusoidal alternating current with a 120-degree phase shift. These inverters give you extreme flexibility in designing your PV system. They operate using two separate MPP trackers that can handle completely asymmetric loads to allow for optimum adjustment.

Each tracker is able to process all of the AC output. This allows for all typical requirements of complex designs to be fulfilled; on the one hand, for example, full configuration of an east / west-facing roof (symmetrical load) or, on the other hand, the regular configuration of a south-facing roof without having to dispense with the solar yield of a dormer (asymmetrical load).  The MPP trackers can also be connected in parallel. Installation costs less when strings need to be combined before the inverter. The peak efficiency is an impressive 98 %, but the TL3 realises a very high partial load efficiency in the lower power ranges thanks to the innovative solution for the design and control of the inverter bridge: Even at just 5 % rated power they operate at 95 % efficiency. Cooling is provided by demand-driven fans that are aimed directly at the temperature sensitive components.

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Modèle: Powador 14.0 TL3 INT
Type de protection: IP65
Securité: n/a
Plage de température de fonctionnement: -25°C bis +60°C
Type de construction: Trafolos
Émission de bruits: 45 [db]
Hauteur: 690 [mm]
Largeur: 420 [mm]
Profondeur: 200 [mm]
Poids: 40 [kg]
RS 232: non
RS 485: oui
Ethernet: oui
Détails: USB, S0-Ausgang
Courant d'entrée
Puissance nominale: 14000 [W]
Puissance maximale: 14000 [W]
Plage de tension MPP: 350 [V] - 800 [V]
Tension maximale: 1000 [V]
Courant d'entrée maximale: 18.6 [A]
Entrée DC: 4
Nombre de MPP trackers: 2
Courant de sortie
Tension: 400 [V]
Puissance nominale: 12500 [W]
Puissance maximale: 12500 [W]
Rendement européen: 97 [%]
Rendement max. : 98 [%]
Nombre d'entrées: 3
Affichage: grafisches Display + LEDs
Surveillance sur réseau monophasé: ja
Taux d'harmoniques: n/a
Surveillance sur réseau monophasé: n/a
Prix inkl. 19% TVA en plus Frais d expédition
Nous avons repris ce produit dans notre catalogue le Wednesday, 09. February 2011.
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