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SMA Sunny Island SI 8.0H-11 incl. SRC 20 + Speedwire
SMA Sunny Island SI 8.0H-11 incl. SRC 20 + Speedwire
3.699,00 EUR
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Solar Cooker LongLife Premium 700 Watts

Prix :   11.900.000,00 EUR
Numéro d'article :   LongLife Premium
Expédition fini :   en 24 heures
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Description :



The solar cooker LongLife Premium consists of a parabolic mirror. In its focal point an attachment for hanging various cooking accessories is found. Due to the bundling of the suns rays it is possible to achieve high cooking temperatures. Therefore the solar cooker is also ideal for baking, frying, sterilisation, as well as for industrial or commercial usage. The reflective panels of the parabolic mirror are made of weather proven high polished aluminium material. The frame is a galvanised construction. Our solar cookers are robust and easy to use. The following of the suns path needs only, due to the low focal point construction of the cooker, be changed every 25 to 30 minutes.


Technical Features:

Diameter 1.400 mm
Power rating 700 watts
Material parabolic mirror High polished aluminium
Frame construction Galvanised
All materials Weatherproof
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions of package 117 x 55 x 10 mm



Real fast cooking!

The solar cooker LongLife Premium has a diameter of 1.4 m. The power rating by clear skies is 700 Watts. This allows you to boil for example 3 litres of water in 25 minutes. The solar cooker is suitable for families up to 12 persons and traders.



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Nous avons repris ce produit dans notre catalogue le Tuesday, 31. October 2006.
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