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Wireless set RS485-01 funk set (not for combination TL20/SBCO)
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Solar Switch

Price:   611,00 EUR
Item-No.:   switch
Shipping costs:   15,00 EUR Shipping costs per piece
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Victron Energy Solar Switch

A rapidly growing number of houses, farms and other buildings are being fitted with grid connected solar installations. The standard configuration has an important drawback: it is dependent on the grid. If the grid fails, the grid connected inverter shuts down and a total blackout is the result, despite the investment in a solar installation. The same is true for other grid connected alternative energy solutions, such as wind, water or micro CHP (micro Combined Heat & Power). Basically, the solution to this problem is to add an inverter/charger and batteries. Several configurations are possible. The problem: standard pV system shuts down in case of power outage.

When the public grid is available, the Victron SolarSwitch will connect the solar inverter directly to the grid. If the grid fails, the power from the solar inverter will be redirected to the output of the MultiPlus. The MultiPlus replaces the grid and will balance the power mismatch between the load and the solar inverter. A power shortage will be supplemented by the MultiPlus, discharging the battery, and excess power will be used to recharge the battery. Once the batteries are fully charged, the excess power can be redirected to a water heater , or a dump load, or the grid inverter can be topped by slightly changing the output frequency of the MultiPlus (this is a standard feature of the MultiPlus). In order to prevent the batteries from discharging completely in case of insufficient solar power, some or all loads can be can be shut down with programmable elays available on the SolarSwitch.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 27 May, 2010 .
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