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SMA Sunny Island SI 6.0H-11 incl. SRC 20 + Speedwire
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Solar module Bp Solar SX 20

Price:   available on request
Item-No.:   101840600
Ready for shipping:   *Please ask by email: or phone +49 8654 - 309 88 73


BP SX 20 and BP SX 30 photovoltaic modules are part of BP Solar’s SX module series, providing cost-effective photovoltaic power for DC loads with moderate energy requirements. With 36 multicrystalline cells in series, they charge batteries efficiently in virtually any climate. Typical commercial applications of these modules, which generate nominal maximum power of 20 watts and 30 watts respectively, include remote telemetry, instrumentation systems, security sensors, signals, and land-based navigation aids.

Electrical specification:

Maximum Power 20 Watts
Maximum Power Voltage 16.8 Volts
Maximum Power Current 1.19 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage 21.0 Volts
Short-Circuit Current 1.29 Amps
Length 501 mm
Width 421 mm
Depth 30 mm
Weight 3,0 kg
  The electrical specifications are under test conditions of Irradiance of
1 kW/m2, Spectrum of 1.5 air mass and cell temperature of 25ºC
Extent of warranty 2 years on material and workmanship
  12 years on 90% of minimum specified power output Pmax at standard test conditions (STC)
  25 years on 80% of minimum specified power output Pmax at standard test conditions (STC)


Technical Specifications BP SX 20

Nominal Power Pmpp:20 [W]
Max. power tolerance:n/a
Max. system voltage:1000 [V]
Maximum voltage:16.8 [V]
Maximum power current:1.19 [A]
Open circuit voltage:21 [V]
Short circuit current:1.29 [A]
Temperature coefficident - open circuit voltage:-80 [mV / °C]
Temperature coefficident - short circuit current:0.065 [% / °C]
Temperature coefficident of Pmpp:-0.5 [% / °C]
Cell efficiency:n/a
Module efficiency:n/a
Length:502 [mm]
Width:425 [mm]
Height:50 [mm]
Height, incl. junction box:50 [mm]
Weight:3 [kg]
Connection type:JBox
Number of Cells per module:36
Cell technology: polycrystalline
Cell form:n/a
Cell dimensions:n/a
Cell contacting:n/a
Price including 19% VAT plus additional shipping fees
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 February, 2008 .
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