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SMA Sunny Island SI 6.0H-11 incl. SRC 20 + Speedwire
SMA Sunny Island SI 6.0H-11 incl. SRC 20 + Speedwire
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Solar scale - MAULstudio S 5000 Gramme

Prix :   82,00 EUR
Numéro d'article :   e-Maulstudio S 5000
Expédition fini :   en 48 heures
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Description :



The Maul range of scales: whether letter or parcel scales, for lightweights as low as 0,1 g, or for heavy-weights right up to 2000 g. The sophisticated design, extreme reliability and easy operation of every one of the scales is impressive.

High-Solar-Technique-Scales with low power ASIC technology – this has already become standard. The step has been made into the next dimension; when postal rates change the new charts can be downloaded from the internet – an obvious service of a modern
company. Also the link to the internet via interface has been solved, the worldwide data-exchange is possible. With MAUL- off to the future!





Analogue and digital processing integrated in a mixed ASIC based on MAUL-improved low power circuits.  
High board integration with 75% reduction of electronic components.  
Reduction of power consumption by factor 320.  
Storage of energy in an energy tank under light conditions above 40 lux via Supercap.  
Number of internal measuring steps and accuracy improved by factor 2.  
Accuracy improvement via new measuring circuit.  
Use of plastic material for housings up to 100kg capacity.  
Easy snap mounting without screws.  
Better electromagnetic acceptance (less interference and radiation).  
Hold key to freeze the displayed weight.  
Guaranty: 3 Years  


Typical characteristic


Capacity 5000 g
Division 2 g (0-2000 g), 5 g (2000-5000 g)  
Top solar technique
With low power ASIC technology  
Excessive energy is stored and used under dark conditions (below 150 lux)
Working even in dark rooms  
The statutory minimum lighting level in offices is 500 lux.
Patented measuring system  
Shock-proof plastic material
Automatic switch-off, automatic zero-positioning  
One key operation: On-Off-Tare-Hold
Hold key to freeze the displayed weight  
High shielding protection
Dynamic form - complements the desk accessory set MAULwave  
Glass platter Ø 190 mm, can be screwed off for cleaning purposes
Pleasant button  
Display and numbers are easy to read
LCD and solar cell have a dust-proof cover  
Impact-resistant body, matt surface
Size: 259 x 190 x 72 mm  
Minimum load: 5 g
Color: Black & silver  



Maul: ... design and competence


Information -  
Form, colour, function. Express individuality and profile. Several design awards, encouragement for more achievements. High quality material. Sturdy construction. Strict inspection rules. „Confirmed by inspection” certified by TÜV.Solarshop.Net is always keen on serving the latest and most innovative products for its costumers. If there are any doubt or question, do not hesitate to contact the Service-Team of Solarshop.Net who will give you the best advice.



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