Technical data Dorfmüller DMI 350/22

Model name: DMI 350/22
Protection class: Schutzklasse I
Safety class: IP 65
Ambient Temperature Range: -25° C bis +70° C
Construction: Mit Trafo
Noises: 35 [db]

Height: 100 [mm]
Width: 320 [mm]
Depth: 160 [mm]
Weight: 9,2 [kg]

RS 232: yes
RS 485: no
Ethernet: no
Details: k.A.
Input data
PV system output: 300 [W]
Max. PV system output: 400 [W]
MPP Voltage range: 18 [V] bis 32 [V]
Max. Input Voltage: 45 [V]
Input Current: 18.2 [A]
DC receipts: 2
MPP Tracker: 1

Output data
Main voltage: 230 [V]
Nominal Output: 270 [W]
Max. power output: 360 [W]
Euro Efficiency: 89.7 [%]
Max. Efficiency: 91.6 [%]
Number of input-phases: 1
display: Grafikdisplay, beleuchtet
ENS: yes
Distortion factor: k.A.
Network monitoring: k.A.

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