Technical data Atersa A-170M

Electrical data
Nominal output Pmpp:170 [W]
Max. power tolerance:-2/+5 [%]
Max. Voltage system:700 [V]
Nominal Voltage Umpp:35,8 [V]
Nominal current Impp:4,75 [A]
Open circuit voltage Uoc:43,95 [V]
Short circuit current Isc:5,1 [A]
Temperature coefficient of open circuit Voltage Uoc:-194,4 [mV / C]
Temperature coefficient of short circuit current:2 [mA / C]
Temperature coefficient Output:k.A.
Cell conversion efficiency:k.A.
Module conversion efficiency:k.A.
Certificates:Schutzklasse II
IEC 61215
Length:1618 [mm]
Breadth:814 [mm]
Height:35 [mm]
Height, incl. junction box:35 [mm]
Weight:14,8 [kg]
Junction:JBox IP54

Number of cells per module:72
Cell technology: monocrystalline
Cell form:k.A.
Cell size:k.A.
Cell contacting:k.A.

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